Tips For Better Email Marketing

Optimize Email Settings Outside Of Main Content

Yes, email content is important but it’s meaningless unless people open your email! There are a few things before content itself that you need to think about:

Sender name: Often an afterthought, but tailoring your sender name for specific emails can increase open rates.

Subject line: Keep it simple and short, and if you can, convey a sense of urgency or mystery. An intriguing subject such as “It’s almost time!” can pique your audience curiosity.

Preheaders: The first line people will see after the subject and your last chance to get them to open your email, so don’t neglect it. Avoid using a line from the email and instead focus on the value of opening the email for the consumer.


Keep Testing To Find What Works Best

A/B testing allows you to send two slightly different versions of the same email to a small percentage of your mailing list to see which one performs best, before you can send on to the rest of the list. This can be particularly helpful if you have a large list or want to find out what’s the best time to send your emails, or which subject line is more likely to get your email opened.

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